Pieces of mind

A mapped-out jigsaw puzzle

Invisible to the eye, look behind

And you see only the world

Your head is a space

A globe, empty, dark, filled by hair

Imagined for want of anything else

A cloud of blurred strands clumped

Drop your ego

Remember the moment a mist

Sent shivers down your arms, goose

Bumps, plucked pores of cold

Mere electromagnetism

For this is no letter stowed in a bottle

Or kept in a box under descending beds

But lost to posterity in false memory

Mountain ice caps,

More than, she said, supernatural snow

How could anything be without

A moment, a creation, but I

Know beauty is time

Feel your feet upon the frosted crust

A meeting of meteorology and rock

Drifting miles apart, interminable currents

Under the spiralled sky

Of dream-time, a history, a fable

A lesson for a biological mind

Cut from carbon, endowed

With awareness

That we might be less than perfection

Unable to fly, lacking multiple brains, eyes

Short sighted except those which break

Surfaces, oceanography

Geology, biology of a forest canopy

Singing with voices, mimicry

Swarms of supremacy, bat wings

Form familial tornadoes

Photo by Scott Van Hoy on Unsplash

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