Tar wells up like tears over the island
Deep viscous pools, ready to burn
Like a lamp through the night on a dark city
Street. Here birds watch
Just crawl around
Fireproof by dusk light

Bones sink in the mould
Sucked below the oily folds

Ancient creatures
Velociraptors scamper past, teeth born
From the jaws floating in state
Beside femurs of behemoths
Long-necked beasts from distant pasts
Lost worlds cracked open

Black lakes are obsidian mirrors
Specked by white light bulb tremors

Reflective night lights spring up from earth
Muddled with weeds, roots, rotting fruit,
All manner of ground dwellers, alive
For the first time since day-

Break into a black heaven
Pooled within a deep blue ocean

Photo by Adrien Olichon on Unsplash

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